Tips From a Tree Service on How to Water Your Plants Properly in the Summer

How to Water Your Plants Properly in the Summer

The summer is the ideal time to practice appropriate plant watering to keep your plants happy and healthy. We already know that regular watering contributes to a plant’s happiness and health. Nevertheless, you don’t have to overwater your plants simply because it’s summer. Overwatering could cause your plants to drown. Because the air gaps in the soil are filled with water, plants that receive too much water cannot “breathe.” Plant watering can be challenging. Here are some common misconceptions about watering in the summer:

Plants Need 1 Inch of Water per Week

Though it’s generally recommended to give your plants at least an inch of water per week, the reality is that various plants require various quantities of moisture. Your tiny seedlings may require daily watering because they have limited root systems, especially in the summer when it’s hot and sunny outside. Due to their deeper root systems, trees and shrubs may only require watering during dry spells. The ideal way to water a plant, whether a large tree or a small shrub, is to saturate the root system with just enough water, let the soil somewhat dry out, and then water it again. Apply water slowly so the soil can take it all using a watering can.

It’s Time to Water This Plant Because It’s Wilting

Wilting does not necessarily indicate that the soil is dry, even though it is a symptom that the leaves are not getting enough water. Not just a lack of water can cause wilting, but anything that harms the roots of your plants. Check the moisture level in the soil to see whether the lack of water is what is causing the leaves to wilt. Water it if it’s dried out. If not, look for other damage indicators.

Overhead Watering Is a No-No

A widespread misunderstanding is that watering leaves from above on a sunny day will burn them. There isn’t. On a bright afternoon, watering your garden is not advised for various reasons, but “scorched leaves” is not one of them.

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