Signs That You Need an Emergency Tree Cutting Service Around Your Property

Avoid Potential Danger From Trees!

There are times when a tree isn’t merely a tree. When it starts threatening your home or property, you’ll know that it’s time to call in the pros. This can lead to serious damage and even death if left untreated. If you’re unsure whether your tree needs to come down, it’s best to take action on the matter immediately! Here are some warning signs that might indicate you’re dealing with an emergency tree cutting situation:

Dead Trees

If a tree is dead, it can be dangerous. Dead trees are more likely to fall over and cause damage. They also attract bugs and other pests that may infest your property or spread disease to nearby plants and animals. This can lead to an allergic reaction in humans who come into contact with them! Finally, dead trees present fire hazards because they’re full of dry leaves and branches that can easily catch fire if exposed to heat sources like candles or cigarettes.

Leaning Too Much

If a tree is leaning, it could fall on your house or car and cause damage to both. If a tree falls on your house, it could cause structural damage to the structure and injure anyone inside. If a tree falls on your car, it could cause severe damage to the vehicle. It’s best to get it removed with experts for safety measures.

Touching Power Lines

If you see a tree that’s touching power lines, don’t try to remove it yourself. Call an arborist or utility company immediately. Trained professionals know how to safely remove trees and restore your power lines without causing damage. If you have any doubt about what kind of work needs to be done on your property, consult an expert before taking any action yourself!

For your emergency tree removal needs here in Moorefield, WV area, you may contact JC Tree Service for professional tree cutting services. Contact me at (304) 202-3455 today!

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