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Are you looking for a reliable tree service because you have trees on your property that need trimming? Perhaps some of them have to be removed? Either way, JC Tree Service is the company you should choose. I am conveniently based in Moorefield, WV, and here is more about what I offer.

My Services

Lawn Service

Lawn Service
The truth is, many steps are involved in lawn care, and most homeowners don't have the expertise and time to do it efficiently. It's perfectly okay not to be an expert in lawn maintenance. We all have areas of our lives in which we excel and others where we don't. When you need a reliable lawn care service, I can help you.

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming
Healthy trees are beneficial for homes. However, dead trees pose a threat for many reasons. People assume that the removal of such trees is the only way to deal with damaged trees. However, it would be best if you remembered that there are trees only partially damaged. Removal of such trees is a waste to the parts of them that are healthy. I offer a professional tree trimming service that is a much more efficient solution than merely removing the tree.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal
Every tree is either a liability or a valuable asset. When a reliable tree company uncovers a potential issue, perhaps the tree is diseased or damaged. If it's beyond repair, tree removal or cutting service may be required. I work with my clients to efficiently and safely remove the trees they don't need. Many tree removal jobs are complicated. Mistakes can be costly, so you should hire me to handle the job for you.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding
Stump grinding is a service that I offer. It is widely viewed as the most efficient and least invasive method of getting rid of stubborn tree stumps. One of the primary reasons property owners choose stump grinding is for enhanced safety. If you have a large stump sticking out of the ground, this can pose a severe risk to you, your friends, family, neighbors, or even your lawn equipment.

Brush Cutting

Brush Cutting
Whether you call it brush cutting, trimming, or whipper snippering, I have you covered. Sometimes you can't get a mower to do the job. The ground may be too steep, rough, or inaccessible. I use a variety of brush cutters - from the standard ones to super heavy-duty types.


Mulching is the act of placing protective materials on top of bare soil and around plants. It's one of the best things you can do for your garden, landscape, or yard. Mulching is used in both residential and commercial landscapes. When you want to inhibit weed growth and germination while improving the appearance of your lawn, my mulching services have you covered.


Chilly evenings, starry skies, and the flickering dance of flames in your fireplace. That's the magic I'm here to deliver! My firewood service is more than just about logs; it's about creating an elemental ambiance that turns your space into a haven of warmth. Each log is handpicked, seasoned to perfection, and ready to unleash its fiery glory.

The Benefits

For some trees, pruning is recommended every year, especially if the trees are located near your property, around power poles, or a property line. Trimming can prolong the life of your trees by removing weak, dead, insect-infested, or diseased limbs before the disease starts spreading and impacting the overall health of the tree. Regular service also improves the overall appearance of your trees. With unwanted branches no longer drawing energy from the trunk, the healthy parts of the tree can flourish. Removing excess limbs may increase leaves, fruit production, and flowers too. When you want to protect your home and property and also the health of your trees, hire my company for a professional tree trimming or removal service.

My Professional Work Methods

I provide excellent tree cutting service and much more, using only high-quality tools, equipment, and a lot of precision. I work closely with each client to fully meet their needs. I am waiting for your phone call!

My Other Areas Served

Now that you know everything about my services and how I work, perhaps you want to know more about the additional locations I serve. They are:

  • Wardensville, WV
  • Petersburg, WV
  • Romney, WV
  • Burlington, WV
  • Baker, WV

Are you looking for professional tree service in Moorefield, WV? If you are anywhere in the area, JC Tree Service is the one you should choose for the job. Pick up the phone and contact me today!

Client’s Testimonial

by Lowell Hott on JC Tree Service
Best Tree Service I've Ever Seen

Javier was prompt in returning my phone call and giving me an estimate. The entire crew was proficient, professional, fast, and did a great job cleaning up. I would recommend them without hesitation and will call them again the next time I need tree help.

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